You lose, Charity wins – Team Weight Loss Challenge

We will be giving away $1,000 to charity for our new Team Charity Weight Loss Challenge!  The contest is open to Fitness Unlimited members as well as the general public; the contest deadline is Feb 28th.

All contestants receive a free Team Charity Weight Loss Challenge 2011 t-shirt, and the winning team gets to choose which charity receives a $1000 donation!  All team must have 4 people, including at least 1 female. A group may start their own team, or an individual may be assigned to one.  Fun/creative team names are encouraged!

The first official weigh-in takes place Feb 28th, 8am-7pm, with weigh-ins every 2 weeks afterward until the end of the contest on Apr 25th.  All weigh-in times are from 8am-7pm for convenient scheduling and takes place on-site at Fitness Unlimited.  A banquet is currently planned after the end of the contest, where contestants can receive other prizes.

Entry for members of Fitness Unlimited is $50, and entry for non-members is $90 and includes an 8-week membership to the gym.  For more information on the Team Charity Weight Loss Challenge, call Fitness Unlimited at 501-778-2571.

  • Winning team chooses which charity receives $1000 donation
  • Team must have 4 people
  • Be assigned to a team, or start your own
  • Each team must have at least one female
  • Deadline to enter Feb 28th
  • All contestants get a free Weight Loss Challenge T-Shirt
  • $90 for non-members (includes 8-week membership)
  • $50 for members of Fitness Unlimited
  • First official weigh-in Feb 28th, 8am-7pm
  • Weigh-in occurs every 2 weeks (Feb 28, Mar 14, Mar 28, Apr 11, Apr 25)
  • All weigh-in times are 8am-7pm
  • Contest ends April 25th

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