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  1. Hello,
    I’m vey out of shape and want to get started with something! My sister has been telling me about Zumba and it sounds like fun.. Is your Sat. class full and how much is it? I would love for my husband to do a class with me.. I think it could be lots of fun but I don’t know if men do your class??? Please let me know?

    Also i’m disabled so I will have to take it slow!! I have had 4 neck surgeries… Do you have a beginners class?

    Thanks for your help

    Ready to get into shape in 2011


    • @Valerie

      We would love to have both you and your husband come to our facility. Our group classes are just part of regular gym membership, although if you’re not a member, you can come by and pay a guest fee for the day. We don’t have a set limit on number of people, so as long as there space available, you’re welcome to join in. Classes in our facility are coed, so your husband is welcome to join in as well.

      If you are concerned about your surgeries, you might check out our Silver Sneakers classes. They are very low-impact, and the entire class is done while sitting in a chair!

      We look forward to seeing you!

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