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  1. I’ve been really interested into joining a gym and I like your unlimited package but I don’t really understand the payment plan part. And I was wondering about a personal trainer if that was included. I really dread the way I look at this point and I can never motivate myself. If you could help it would be well appreciated

    • Alexis, I would like for you to give us a call so we can discuss the plan you are interested in. We would like to set you up with a Fitness Assessment and go over what our personal trainers offer as well. Our number at the front desk is 501-778-2571. We look forward to hearing from you.
      Carmen Joslin

    • Danny, I have removed it. If you would come to Fitness we can get something taken care of for you.

  2. I registered through Globalfit because of my employer, I chose Fitness Unlimited and it gave me Bryant Fitness Zone once my payment was made. I am wanting to join Fitness Unlimted, what should I do? I’ve printed the documents as well.

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