Why You Should Keep A Fitness Journal

There are many reasons why one might want to keep a fitness journal, especially when just starting out. You can keep up with your goals, accomplishments, and know what works for you and what didn’t. There are many options on where you can store this information from a notebook, a template that you download, and your computer. Just make sure your computer is easily accessible.

The first piece of information you want to add in your journal are your goals. Goals that range from a year, 6 months, 3 months, and even a week out. Then write down your current measurements, weight and height, and you BMI. Once you have this information written down you can then start on keeping track with your workouts.

After your workout, add your exercises, distance, times, sets, and weights you may use. You may want to add a spot in your journal to track your food intake. That will help you know many calories you take in, fats, sugars, and your protein.

Try to find a time once a week to review your journal and go over the things that you enjoyed or things that may need adjusting. If you follow these short steps you will find your inner strenth to continue and progress.


Carmen Joslin

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