We Have Found Your Total Solution

The United States of America – the land of the free and the brave, the land we all love – is the fattest nation in the world. For years, I had searched to find the best healthy weight loss program, and looked at everything that came down the pike. Then, I found Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution.

67% of our nation’s population is overweight, and in some states 30% of citizens are actually obese. The average person has been on 10-20 diets in the last 3½-5 years. Countless numbers have told us they have been on many diet programs, but lost their motivation and quit, and then quickly gained back any weight they had lost. The obesity epidemic is lowering our productivity and dramatically increasing our health care costs.

Once I found out about Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution, I researched the program for over a year, and visited several states. I spoke to hundreds of people, gathering data needed to make the decision to bring Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution here to Benton, Arkansas. I found three things that make Thin and Healthy’s Total Solution different from the rest: Motivation, Metabolism Re-Training, and Healthy Foods Eduction. America’s future depends on our health as a country. And so, it is my privilege and honor to introduce to you, from my heart to your lives, America’s best healthy weight loss program. It really is the ‘Total Solution’.

Motivation, the Burning Baby — 55%

First, let me explain real motivation. Lets say that I laid a 2×4 wooden board on the floor and asked you to walk across. You would have no problem going across the board. Even if I placed a concrete block 12″ high under each end of the 2×4, you would still have no problem walking across the board. However, if suspended that 2×4 across two high-rise skyscrapers and secured them in the same way, your answer would be, “No way!” But then, let me add one more scenario. Lets say that on the other end of that board, was your baby. And that high-rise at the other end of the board was on fire. How fast do you think you could get across that board to rescue your burning baby? We all have a burning baby, a powerful “why,” to reach any goal, whether its weight loss or anything else that’s important to us.

Recently, a gentleman walked into our center and asked us if we could help him lose over 200lbs. He was asked this question: Why, and what made you decide to lose your weight today? Not tomorrow or the next month, but why today? This, is his story:

“I travel a lot, it’s part of my job. I recently boarded a plane to my next assignment, and after being seated, the plane was soon ready for take off. Then, my name was called over the loud speaker and asked me to come to the front of the plane. After some difficulty, I walked up the isle to the front and was told the plane would be delayed long enough for me to go to the ticket desk and purchase another ticket. You see, I was taking up two seats. I made up my mind this is it. Not if, not maybe, I will finally lose this weight.”

That’s what we are looking for! That’s a burning baby — a powerful “why”.

One more story: We had another gentleman come to us needing to lose 100lbs. He was suffering from sleep apnea, acid reflux, and high blood pressure. He was walking on a cane, and his knees were so bad that his doctor recommended surgery on them. However, his doctor refused to operate until he lost at least 50lbs. It was then that he enrolled in Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution. Now, he has lost that 50lbs, and more importantly, he no longer needs his cane, and his high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and acid reflex are gone. His doctor even cancelled the surgery and says he doesn’t need it – the pain is gone!

Metabolism Re-Training — 30%

30% of what makes Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution work and the key to keeping weight off, is through movement. Our clients are assigned a Metabolism Re-Training Coach (MRT Coach), which are like personal trainers that design a program specific to you, depending on your own level of physical ability. With the combination of healthy food and movement, you can raise your metabolic rate so you are burning fat faster. Your energy will go through the roof, and your health will improve as well.

Healthy Foods Education — Only 15%

The healthy foods education will help guide you on how to eat healthy, but best of all you can still eat your 20 favorite foods! You will have 1-on-1 sessions with a Certified Coach that will guide you through every step of every phase. They are your cheerleader and consultant, and they are going to love you, hug you, and bug you from victory to victory, until you have reached your goal.

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