Transformation Tuesday

Meet this gorgeous member of ours that joined us about a year ago; her name is Leilani Miller Morris. WE ARE SO PROUD OF HER AND LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING HER SUCCEED EVEN MORE!  Here is her story…..

I joined Fitness Unlimited almost a year ago and I can say this has been my best year ever! For this I want to thank Fitness Unlimited Health Club in Benton.

I am an online/virtual fitness coach. While I work on my own health and fitness I also help other people through online challenge groups to reach their health and fitness goals. I have lost 140lbs through my journey and last year about this time, I was at a point in my own journey that I really wanted to add something new and really challenge myself. I found out about Boot Camp and personal training sessions that Fitness Unlimited offers and I signed up right away! This has been a non-negotiable time in my week. It is a priority!

In almost a year not only have I lost inches, lost weight, decreased my body fat, totally changed my body, I have also been blessed to be a part of an amazing fitness family at Fitness Unlimited Health Club. I love the part when I walk into the gym and I feel welcomed, encouraged, and supported. I believe that the amazing staff has contributed to my success. Accountability is a huge part of anybody’s journey. Having someone or a small group of people cheering you on, pushing you, encouraging you, makes all the difference in the world! It sure did in my world!

For this I want to thank Fitness Unlimited Health Club for being a part of my journey and in my life.

Leilani Miller Morris

Carmen Joslin

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