Swim Outdoors

Outdoor Pool

Our large outdoor pool has 2 dedicated lanes for lap swimmers, as well as a large open area for ‘free swimming’. The outdoor pool is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day (weather permitting). Children are allowed in the pool, and those enrolled in our Fit Kids program swim in the outdoor pool for free. We also have a sun tanning deck for anyone looking for a natural sun tan, as well as a covered area to provide shade for those who desire it.

By using the resistance of the water, muscles are strengthened, and since fat is burned almost exclusively in muscle, you will be creating and using more of your fat-burning furnace. One of the best benefits of water exercise is the massage effect (credit daniel). Every time you move through the water, you create a wave effect over your skin and slightly down into your muscles. This means that the whole time you are exercising in the water, you are getting a total-body massage! That is why you feel so relaxed when you are done!

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