Indoor Pool

Swim Indoors

Indoor Pool

Seniors enjoy an Arthritis Aquatics water aerobics class

Enjoy our heated indoor pool, open year round – rain or shine. Lap swimmers are welcome anytime there isn’t a water aerobics class taking place, and each week, you can find an assortment of water aerobics classes at different times of the day. Being able to swim isn’t necessary to do water aerobics, thanks to having a shallow end of the pool where most people can reach bottom.

Regardless of age, ability, or size, exercise in the water can provide you with exactly the workout you want. Like most other methods of exercise, an aquatic workout can be designed to fit everyone’s needs. The intensity of aquatic exercise depends on three things: speed of movement, surface resistance, and drag. Moving faster increases the amount of energy expended. Surface resistance means that when equipment is added, the resistance against the water goes up, and so does the intensity. Drag is incorporated when you move your body from one side of the pool to the other – more drag equals more intensity. Fitness Unlimited aquatic classes use these principles in varying degrees.

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