Senior Class

Senior Activity

Senior Class

Seniors enjoy the Silver Sneakers class, a fitness class done entirely in a chair!

Fitness Unlimited has a very large senior base, and has many group classes to accomodate to that specific crowd. With the different insurnace companies offering the Silver Sneakers program, many seniors receive their membership to Fitness Unlimited completely free, with no strings attached. Check and see if your insurance package includes the Silver Sneakers program, or inquire at Fitness Unlimited today!

Don’t believe the common misconception that as age increases, level of exercise will inevitably decrease.  Quite the opposite can be true.  The more we exercise, the less we will suffer the deterioration of body and mind that commonly comes with aging.  There are no exercises out of bounds for seniors as long as you check with your doctor.Seniors enjoy an Arthritis Aquatics water aerobics class
Indoor Pool

Seniors enjoy the Arthritis Aquatics aerobics class!

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