Reach your goals faster with a Trainer

Personal Training

With an understanding that many people are in need of a proven method of fitness assistance, Custom Built and Fitness Unlimited have a goal to: “provide quality, affordable personal training to anyone who wants or needs it.”

No matter what your fitness level, amount of time you have, or equipment you have available, we have a fitness program for you. Our experts have prepared detailed workout and nutrition programs for all levels to help guide you each day, toward reaching your fitness goal as quickly as possible.

Benefits of Personal Training
*Have your body fat measured
*Get an evaluation of your body fat %
*Get an evaluation of GOOD and BAD HABITS
*Find out how to TRANSFORM your body
*Learn how to effectively lower body fat %
*Learn about doing CARDIO the CORRECT way
*Discover how EATING can LOWER your body fat
*Find out if weight training is BENEFICIAL for you
*Discover what to do when you reach a PLATEAU

Call 501-776-1040 for your COMPLIMENTARY Fitness Assessment & Training Session today!

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