Basketball Court


Basketball Court

Members having fun and shooting hoops

Basketball is a very popular and casual way to exercise. It provides a fun way to burn calories, build muscle, improve coordination, develop concentration, and improve endurance. Whether you’re looking for a serious team game or just a pick-up game with friends, Fitness Unlimited has what you’re looking for. With two full-size basketball courts in the gym area that are frequently full of activity and fun, it’s easy to enjoy yourself.

Member getting ready for a shot

Basketball can be a great way to exercise!

As a game that can be played at any age level and in any physical condition, basketball has many benefits for all. As a cardiovascular workout, basketball gets you running and jumping at a constant rate, which works the heart and lungs The aerobic exercise of basketball can burn up to a high amount of 700 calories. Basketball also strengthens and builds muscles, which enhances endurance and flexibility. Lastly, it greatly improves coordination skills; you are required to coordinate your whole body and to work with your teammates and against the opposing team, which helps you to focus on your body and also your environment.

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