PACE (Programmed Aerobic/Anaerobic/ Accommodating Circuit Exercise) is a group exercise program at its best. PACE is the original 20 minute hydraulic circuit program that combines a strength workout with a cardiovascular workout in less than a half hour program.

With PACE’s unique hydraulic resistance, there is no skill involved, there are no weight stacks, no sore muscles and anyone can do it- and you will get results quickly! Hydraulic resistance is the only resistance that instantly accommodates to the effort of the user; the harder, faster one pushes, the more the resistance. With hydraulic resistance, you can move to the beat of the music (fast anaerobic)!

The key to PACE, just like any other group program, is fun, motivation & inspiration from an instructor. It’s more fun to work out with your friends (especially those in the same shape you are in) with an instructor to provide safety, inspiration, motivation, etc.

If you have fun, you stick with it!

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