Heated Sauna

In our front set of locker rooms, you will find our dry sauna – a perfect place to sweat out your toxins before or after a workout. The health benefits of saunas are not a recent discovery. For thousands of years on all continents, numerous cultures have used steam or smoke as part of religious, […]

Massage Therapy


Our licensed massage therapist offers numerous bodywork services. In today’s busy, stress-filled world, there is a great need for relaxation and rest. Our therapeutic massage services assist the body in reducing stress and tension, relieving pain and discomfort from injuries and chronic illness as well as improving circulation of the blood and lymph fluid throughout […]



¬†HydroMassage Dry Hydrotherapy is a combination of massage, heat and whirlpool in a single system. HydroMassage is a fully customizable, user-friendly massage system that gives users a powerful, heated massage. For the relaxing 10 minute session, you will stay fully clothed, dry and comfortably supported while powerful waves of water are directed at specific areas […]



Ambition 300 The strength of the Ambition 300 is apparent by its use of 40 Genesis technology Turbo and Super Power lamps, high-pressure facial tanners and extended tanning surface. The large rotary fan is quiet, yet it sends a refreshing stream of cool air to produce a pleasant tanning environment. Tanning clients are kept at […]