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Basketball Court

Basketball is a very popular and casual way to exercise. It provides a fun way to burn calories, build muscle, improve coordination, develop concentration, and improve endurance. Whether you’re looking for a serious team game or just a pick-up game with friends, Fitness Unlimited has what you’re looking for. With two full-size basketball courts in […]

Senior Activity

Senior Class

Fitness Unlimited has a very large senior base, and has many group classes to accomodate to that specific crowd. With the different insurnace companies offering the Silver Sneakers program, many seniors receive their membership to Fitness Unlimited completely free, with no strings attached. Check and see if your insurance package includes the Silver Sneakers program, […]


Heated Sauna

In our front set of locker rooms, you will find our dry sauna – a perfect place to sweat out your toxins before or after a workout. The health benefits of saunas are not a recent discovery. For thousands of years on all continents, numerous cultures have used steam or smoke as part of religious, […]

Massage Therapy


Our licensed massage therapist offers numerous bodywork services. In today’s busy, stress-filled world, there is a great need for relaxation and rest. Our therapeutic massage services assist the body in reducing stress and tension, relieving pain and discomfort from injuries and chronic illness as well as improving circulation of the blood and lymph fluid throughout […]

Cardio Room

Cardio Equipment

The 2,400 square foot cardio room is a great place to enjoy your workout. With state of the art treadmills, elliptical trainers, recumbent bikes, and the revolutionary AMT machine, you will have no problem finding a way to burn calories. One great thing about the cardio room is that you can enjoy your workout while […]